Service performance reporting for charities

Background – impetus for service performance reporting There are approximately 28,000 registered in NZ (one of the highest ratios per capita in the world). These charities are managing over $50 billion in assets and have a combined income of approximately $17 billion. A key question that has arisen with policymakers is how do stakeholders (funders, … Continue reading “Service performance reporting for charities”

Data in the cloud – undoubted benefits but what about the risks?

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way in which IT products and services are being provided to customers, moving users away from the traditional software licensing models and premises-based data centres to ‘pay-as-you-go’ or utility-based pricing. The implementation of cloud computing technologies has seen real benefits being achieved by customers including: Reduced capital spend cost – … Continue reading “Data in the cloud – undoubted benefits but what about the risks?”

Meeting the challenges of third-party risk management

Organisations are increasingly relying on third parties to achieve their strategies and objectives. As these relationships become an even more integral part of how organisations conduct business, it’s essential that businesses understand – and properly manage – the risks that come along with third parties. After all, when an organisation can’t deliver on its commitments … Continue reading “Meeting the challenges of third-party risk management”