How Do You Sell Your Business?

We receive many enquiries from people either looking to buy a business or looking to sell their business. Many businesses are sold “under the radar” often without them being widely marketed. Sensitivities towards staff and clients and confidentiality need to be managed carefully. Often, from an outsider’s point of view, there is little evidence that … Continue reading “How Do You Sell Your Business?”

ACC: You could be paying too much

The work of the Accident Compensation Corporation is essential in maintaining social security in New Zealand, with the contributions of all employers and employees ensuring prevention, care and recovery from injuries. However, many businesses could be paying more than their fair share of contributions. That’s emerged from the results of over 1000 reviews conducted by … Continue reading “ACC: You could be paying too much”

Crowe Horwath partners with Catalyst Fuel Refunds

Crowe Horwath has partnered with award-winning technology company, Catalyst Fuel Refunds. The Hawke’s Bay based company offers clients a simple-to-use, fast and effective system for processing their fuel refunds. Businesses that operate petrol vehicles and machinery off-road are eligible for a refund on the petrol used of $0.66 per litre. Often, due to the time … Continue reading “Crowe Horwath partners with Catalyst Fuel Refunds”

Audit committees

Have you looked at mitigating the governance risk in your business? An audit committee can be a great tool in this regard. As the business operating environment becomes more complex, boards of directors, trustees and management are looking to mitigate some of their governance risks through the setting up of an audit committee. The audit … Continue reading “Audit committees”

Commodity prices remain as greatest concern for New Zealand agribusiness

A recent survey conducted by business advisory firm Crowe Horwath during the Southern Field Days asked farmers, rural professionals and others heavily involved in New Zealand agribusiness for their views on the industry’s key influences. Technology, farm management practices, favourable interest rates, improved rural connectivity and continued education and training were identified as the factors … Continue reading “Commodity prices remain as greatest concern for New Zealand agribusiness”

China still burns brightly for New Zealand agribusiness

“China is far from finished as a key driver of growth for the New Zealand agribusiness sector,” says Hayden Dillon, head of corporate agribusiness for Crowe Horwath. Despite recent negative market commentary coming out of China, Dillon, who recently toured our largest trading partner with the BNZ’s Port to Plate tour, was optimistic for the … Continue reading “China still burns brightly for New Zealand agribusiness”

Retiring farmers urged to consider all options before selling up

With succession front of mind for New Zealand agriculture, a North Island sheep and beef farmer turned agribusiness advisor is encouraging farm owners to explore all of the options before settling on a succession plan.Sean Bennett, a veteran of 20 years on the land prior to becoming an agribusiness advisor for Crowe Horwath, suggests that … Continue reading “Retiring farmers urged to consider all options before selling up”

You don’t have to sell the farm!

Can farm owners hold onto their asset base and still earn income from it? Succession is currently very ‘front of mind’ in the agricultural industry.  Leading commentators see private farm succession as the single biggest challenge to overcome during the next decade. When you consider that the average age of farm owners is bordering on … Continue reading “You don’t have to sell the farm!”

Crowe Horwath NZ appoint to government panel

Crowe Horwath has been appointed as a panel member in the All of Government (AoG) Consultancy Services Solution for Businesses. Membership of this panel confirms that we offer good value-for-money and high quality consultancy services to government and local government agencies. For more information please contact Mike Brunner or visit the AoG website.

Is your law firm achieving its financial best?

The results are in for the 2015 Financial Performance Benchmarking Study of New Zealand Law Firms. This survey was conducted by Crowe Horwath and the Australasian Legal Practise Management Association (ALPMA). Main findings The growth outlook expected amongst respondents averaged 5%. New Zealand law firms remain profitable with operating profit margins in excess of 30% … Continue reading “Is your law firm achieving its financial best?”